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We guarantee an eye care experience that you will enjoy; the improvement of your vision is our mission.


We are an independent locally owned small business located in the heart of Maple Grove.  We are obsessed about healthy eyes and comfortable, clear vision. We believe in working hard, being kind, and wearing rad glasses.  If you’re looking for an eye clinic in Maple Grove, MN, how about booking an eye exam with  one of our eye doctors on our Maple Grove Eye Doctors team, located at Pearle Vision? We offer exceptional eye care in a fun and professional environment. We have some great people on our team so, from the moment you walk into our clinic, we’ll make your eye care experience unforgettable.

We’ll make you feel at ease in each eye exam appointment, assuring you that the improvement of your vision is our mission.

As the eye clinic of choice in the Maple Grove area, we’ve built our practice around the customer experience. Our team of professional opticians pay extra attention to detail, making sure our patients leave with comfortable, well-fitting eyeglasses for optimal vision, while, of course, looking their best!

With the latest technology in eye care, we ensure that your eye exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your vision health.

From welcoming you to our clinic to helping you schedule appointments and understanding your insurance, our team delivers more than just great eyewear; we guarantee an eye care experience that you will enjoy.


Get a professional examination

A professional eye exam is more than a refraction to finalize your prescription.  Everyone should have a comprehensive eye exam yearly beginning at age 1 year.  Why?  Start early with a baseline so that changes in visual health are easily seen and diagnosed.

Prior to your eye exam, our technicians will pretest your visual health with our new Topcon Maestro that takes a 3D digital retinal photo in addition to the IWellness test that maps the layers of the eye. There is a small fee of $39 for this additional test and most insurances do not cover it.  IT. IS. IMPORTANT. THOUGH.

During your eye exam,our optometrists might ask you questions about your general health and lifestyle to tailor the exam to your specific eye health needs. Then, he or she typically will perform a digital eye exam with the latest technology that measures:

  • Your overall vision
  • Your color vision and depth perception
  • Early indicators of potential problems, such as glaucoma, retinal issues, or cataracts
  • Your general eye health

Get the right fit

Our doctors always recommend a back up pair of glasses and a pair of. quality sunglasses that protect against UVA and UVB rays, especially for contact lens wearers. Ever had glasses that hurt your nose, continually slide down your nose, or hurt behind your ears? It is not cool and it can be very uncomfortable. How about glasses that are too small for wearing a progressive or sunglasses that don’t cut glare? Yikes – this can cause you to have a car accident and that’s not good! What about an eye infection from overuse of contact lenses so you need back up glasses and yours are from 3 prescriptions ago? Downright embarrassing. Our team will help you avoid these pitfalls because we want you to always experience the best vision. We know eyes. It’s all we do.


Let’s see what the Doctor recommends for your lifestyle!

We accept most Vision Wellness and Insurance plans

Eye exams are critical for childrens’ eye health, vision, and learning ability

Did you know that you need a valid prescription to order contact lenses?


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We know that you depend on your eye care professional to provide you with the best in eye health services, like comprehensive eye exams, vision correction and the diagnosis of related conditions. That is why our team of Maple Grove Eye Doctors, Opticians, Lab Techs, and Optical Techs at Pearle Vision in Maple Grove, always make it a priority to ensure an easy, straightforward and positive experience. Meet the eye care professionals who will place your eye care first. Yes. We have some great people on our team who are waiting to meet you.


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We know eyes. It’s all we do.

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