Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have moved, so how do I obtain my patient records for my new eye doctor?

A: Super easy! You can call or email us ( to provide us with the name and number of the new eye clinic, and to request a Release of Information form that we need you to sign and return to us. It’s that simple!

Q: What are your current store promotions?

A: We’ve always got a little something going on and we want to pass those specials onto you every chance we can. For current offerings, call us.

Q: Why is there a charge for PD measurements?

A:  The measurement of a patient’s pupil distance is a service that we provide, but is not considered part of the eye exam.

PD (pupil distance) is measured by one of our Opticians when new prescription glasses are ordered, and varies individually. The PD is used to determine the alignment of your pupil for proper clarity of your prescription when placed in RX lenses and inserted into a frame.

Q: If I need my PD (Pupil Distance) measurement, will you measure it for me?

A:  Of course!

We charge the small fee of $50.00 for pupil distance measurements by one of our professional Opticians, when there is no eyeglass purchase in our business.   We do value our Optician’s time and expertise,  so we hope that you understand and do also!

Q: How long does it take to have glasses made?

A: We have a full-service, state-of-the-art lab right in the store. However, it depends on the type of lenses, the prescription and any additional specialty coatings required to make your glasses. If we are able to make the prescription lenses in our lab, it can take anywhere from an hour to a day. If we send the RX to an outside lab for any reason, it can take up to seven to ten days; however, we typically receive them back in our lab, sooner than that.

Q: Can new lenses with my new RX be put into my existing frame?

A: It may be possible to insert new lenses into a current frame, depending on your prescription, the condition of your current frame, and the type of lens material. But, be sure to do yourself a favor and take a peek at the amazing line of eye “frosting” available to freshen up your look.

Q: Will your office remake or replace glasses/lenses or give different contact lens (trials) if necessary?

A: After 90 days, patients will be charged for a doctor re-visit (pricing varies, depending on visits). Depending on circumstances – each situation will be evaluated by a manager, and everything possible will be done to ensure that the wearer is satisfied.

Q: Does your office accept walk-ins?

A: YES. Walk-ins are accepted, depending on availability. We strongly recommend setting up an appointment, but if you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by. You never know if we have an immediate availability with your name on it!

In the case of an eye emergency, we’ve got you covered. A walk-in will be accepted and fit into the appointment schedule with the first available doctor.

Q: Does your office treat eye injuries, red eyes, and pink eye?

A:  YES. Pink eye, red eye, and any eye injuries are considered medical office visits and would be billed to your medical insurance. Billing cost depends on the diagnosis.

Q: How do I learn to insert contact lenses into my eye?

A: First time contact lens wearers will book an Insertion and Removal appointment at our office (also known as I & R), after the initial contact lens exam, for instruction on the safety and proper wear of contacts.  Classes with an Optician are set up Monday thru Friday and are based on the doctor’s recommendation.

They’re quick. They’re easy. And believe us, they’re totally worth it!

Q: How can I order my contact lenses?

A: Once your prescription is finalized, you may order contacts with one of our awesome store associates in person or by calling 763-416-0622

Q: What is a ‘Contact Lens Check’?

A: Patients can be seen at no charge within 30 days of their original exam date for the contact lens check, which is performed by the eye doctor to insure that the trial contact lenses are fitting properly. Why? We want to make sure they’re snug as a bug.

After the contact lens check, the prescription will be finalized and the patient will be eligible to order their annual supply.

Q: What is a Contact lens fitting fee and why do I have to pay it?

A: The contact lens fee is determined by the complexity of your prescription and by the type of lenses required for your specific needs.

A contact lens prescription is valid for 2 years (unless a doctor approves/recommends otherwise).

As mandated by federal law, the doctor will check the general health of your eyes and determine the proper fitting of the contact lenses you require every 12 months, in order for the prescription to be valid.
Most Insurance plans will not cover the fitting fee, as they consider contacts to be cosmetic. But if they are your preferred choice, get them!

Q: If I am a ‘Self-Pay’, what will my eye exam cost?

A: Self-Pay: Our in-store eye exam is only $89 (tax not included). Contact lens evaluations start at an additional $59.  If you are a new self-pay patient at our office, we offer a one-time NEW PATIENT eye exam price of $69 (additional cost for contact lens evaluation), with the purchase of a complete pair of RX sunglasses or eyeglasses or purchase of a year supply of contact lenses. How cool is that?

If you are a ‘Self-Pay/Self-Submit’ to insurance: You will be required to pay the insured cost of an eye exam and then submit the receipt to your insurer, for reimbursement. Not too complicated, right?

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my eye exam?

A: Only a couple of things. We request that our patients bring all current prescription eyewear and sunglasses, in addition to a valid form of identification and their current insurance card.

Q: How long does an eye exam take?

A: Our comprehensive eye exam usually takes about 40- 45 minutes, including ordering new contacts. You’ll want to allow more time for purchasing eyewear and sun wear, but don’t be surprised if you lose track of time because of how much fun you’ll have trying on eyewear.

Of course, certain variables come into play- such as:

  • When doctors need to answer your health concerns or if this is your first eye exam in our office, and don’t forget, children may require more time.
  • If you are a new patient, you’ll want to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time to complete the Health History Form and to show insurance information. It’s one of those admin things.
  • Every year we request that patients complete a new HIPPA Consent and Patient Responsibility form.
  • Every three years patients are asked to update their Health History form, as are all new patients. Again, one of those rules.
  • Pre-testing is required for all eye exams, contact lens evaluation, etc.
  • If you choose dilation, it usually takes 10-15 minutes to be effective and for the doctor to check the dilated eyes. Dilation usually wears off after three to four hours after the drops have been applied.

Your eye health is very important to us. Eye examinations at Maple Grove Eye Doctors are thorough and may include dilation of the pupils (expect fuzzy vision and light sensitivity 1-2 hours afterward on the average – sunglasses are provided). The health check portion of the examination covers common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Signs of diabetes and high blood pressure and many other diseases and disorders can also be detected by an eye examination. To monitor your eye health – whether you wear vision correction or not – it is recommended to have an eye examination every 1-2 years. Children should have their first comprehensive eye exam before starting school.

Q: How can I schedule an eye exam?

A: We want to make it as easy as possible. If we could do it by mental telepathy, we would! But, until we can figure that out, you can book an eye exam by phone at 763-416-0622 or you can by clicking the button below. Eye exams are available seven days a week for your convenience.

Q: Does Maple Grove Eye Doctors take my Insurance?

A: Even though our team members ‘speak insurance’, we recommend that you call your insurance provider to obtain information regarding coverage.

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