We bet you didn’t know… where our Maple Grove Eye Doctors practice, the retail side of the business  displays one of the largest selections of eyewear brands and sunglass brands in the Upper Midwest.  Our doctors make recommendations for all types of prescriptions; computer glasses, blue light filters, progressives and sun lenses because they want to insure that all your daily needs are met in your new eyewear!  After all, it is something you wear every.single.day.

No, we’re serious!  We know eyes.  It’s all we do.

No Joke!

We’re talking serious eyecare here.  Like ‘State of the Art’ eyecare.  Stuff the other guys don’t do.

Seeing great while looking great. Awesome.

Optimize your vision.  See the world clearly. Even with all that winter glare.

Totally worth checking out.

Our eye doctors will ensure healthy eyes and optimal vision. No matter what.

Best in class optical professionals. Yep.

Our team knows their stuff and will make sure your vision is optimal! And, that’s really important.