Macuhealth supplement is like anti-aging for your eyes.  Why?  How?

The macula is the portion of the eye at the center of the retina that processes sharp, clear, straight-ahead vision.  Protecting the macula by taking this supplement is becoming more important to avoid vision problems later that can be caused by blue light, family history; blue eyes- fair skin people are more at risk.

Vision is the one sense that people do not want to lose and we have the ability to do something about it today.

Hear Dr. Mueller talk about the benefits of taking the Macuhealth supplement.

By prescribing MacuHealth our doctors help our patients protect their macula and improve their vision based on lifestyle factors if they:

  1.  are past or present smokers
  2. have poor nutrition
  3. have a high BMI, are obese, or have diabetes
  4. complain of daytime or nighttime glare or driving difficulties at night daytime glare Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle Vision
  5. have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  6. have family history of AMD, dementia / Alzheimer Disease                                                                                                                                                                                  By recommending MacuHealth our doctors can help our healthy patients improve their visual performance and hand eye coordination if they:
  7. are in the military, police officers & firemen
  8. are truck drivers
  9. are athletes (professional and weekend warriors)
  10. are professionals that work in occupations with extreme lighting conditions
  11. have occupations with strict vision requirements (police, firefighters, pilots)

Macuhealth provides potent antioxidant protection by filtering unwanted short wavelength blue light and allowing important short wavelength blue light optimal nighttime vision.  It can also improve contrast sensitivity in patients with healthy eyes and in those with macular disease.