Do you realize that you probably check your smartphone about 150 times a day? When you are sitting at your computer is the screen 20-24 inches or an arm’s length away from your eyes? Extend your arm forward and you should be able to ‘high-five’ the screen. Your smartphone or tablet should be 16-20 inches away from your eyes.

20-20-20 rule

Digital device use is a major cause of eye strain. If you have any of these symptoms, see one of our doctors and ask how to get relief:
Eye fatigue
Blurred vision
Dryness (your eyes tear up for no obvious reason)
Neck strain
Back pain
You do not have to live with with digital eye strain. The relief that awaits via premium high tech lenses is better overnight vision, improved driving vision, and feeling more energetic and less tired during the day, much better quality sleep, and over all long term eye protection.

How we use our eyes has dramatically changed with the addition of smartphones; as a result how we protect our eyes must also dramatically change.

Since the benefits of high tech eyewear are so important and complex, it is important to see an optical expert who can guide you thru the maze of information and product. Our team is expertly trained and pretty fun to work with, too 🙂 Just check our Google reviews!Pearle Vision Maple Grove