Electronic devices are a major part  of our lives. Most of us spend  hours a day with  our eyes  glued  to a computer, cell phone, or TV screen.

Does staying connected mean a “disconnect”for our eyes? It’s called digital eye strain and 70 to 75 percent of Americans who work on computers have it.

It means eye and vision problems such as headaches, eye pain, redness, watering, double vision, loss of focus.

The amount of time we spend on computers can cause some major eye some discomfort. It’s generally not permanent damage and there are many steps you can take to prevent it. Limit your screen time, if you can.  And focus on another object.  Make sure the screen and room are both bright.

Wear glasses when you are reading, or at a computer. With more and more screen and device time kids and teens are experiencing eye strain too.

When you tend to stare at a screen, your blink rate goes down,  so you go a lot longer between blinks creating more opportunity for your tears to evaporate, setting yourself up for a dry eye situation where it burns and stings, and your vision may fluctuate.

Make sure you are far enough away from your device–roughly sixteen inches for a phone roughly 20 inches from a computer.

It’s a good idea to limit your child’s screen time to make sure they are taking breaks from the glow of their devices.