Choosing Frames That Flatter

Choosing Frames That Flatter 2014-09-23T15:01:05+00:00

Our team of fabulous Opticians at Pearle Vision in Maple Grove, where our Maple Grove team of Eye Doctors practice, are classy, sassy, and just a little bit ‘smart-assy’, so you’re going to have fun while they help you choose the right frames to suit your personality, appearance, and lifestyle – we don’t worry about your changing hair color or jewelry! A frame should ‘frame’ your face (pardon the pun) in a complimentary style while enhancing skin tone.

   Oval  Well, aren’t you lucky?  Just about any shape for you!
 frame-round-face Round  Wear anything BUT round frames.
 frames-heart-face  Tapered, Heart Let’s draw attention Upward! A semi-rimless style could work or a minimalist Silhouette.
 frames-square-face  Square So you’re a square, huh? Wear anything BUT square or rectangle shapes!



There used to be and we suppose, still are RULES about colors.  Our one rule is ‘If it goes with your eyes and your hair, it will go with anything you wear!’  It’s the truth!  We have only a couple of ‘insider Guidelines’ that we use daily –

1. Consider your eye color, and choose frames that complement your eyes and that show them to the world, without overpowering them.

2. If you have red tones in your skin, stay away from rose and red color frames, (that is, unless you want to be constantly blushing!).


On the Go – never a dull moment in your life!
If you lead an active life, you might want to consider some of our more durable frames, that bend and twist and wrap – all those cool attributes make them more durable. Some are even made specifically for certain sports or activities. Impact-resistant lenses** protect eyes, while polarized lenses help reduce glare. Our professional team knows all the ins and outs about what works for what!

Computer Savvy – oh yes you are, and it can take a toll on your eyes, and if you use at night, a toll on your sleep patterns.
Frequent computer users should definitely consider computer glasses to reduce eyestrain. Computer lenses fit in almost any frame style and can help reduce the constant refocusing that occurs when you are looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. You also might want to try eyeglasses with a larger frame area for easier monitor viewing and possibly a tinted lens to reduce the effects of blue light emissions from your screen.


Designer Brands, and not so known brands – it’s your face, and that is what people see first!
From sophisticated and cool to relaxed and casual, your frames can be an expression of your personality, or not. You may choose bold frames that let your sense of individuality shine through or minimalist Silhouette frames that are barely there, but can be a statement, never the less.   Not everyone wants to look like all the Warby Parker lookalikes!