Our favorite brand, Etnia Barcelona, continues to flaunt its DNA to the world by way of its global brand campaign, #BeAnArtist – inspired by the art world to express its own creations.

The FW2018 collection takes inspiration from the concept of “The Art of Details”, taking as its reference point the symbolist art of Gustav Klimt.

Klimt’s provocative work is brimming with details and symbols, which peers into the depths of the world’s secrets.  This is a daring leap by Barcelona-based Etnia Barcelona which, in the past has reinterpreted the classic works of art by painters like DaVinci and Raphael.

More than ever before the brand focuses on the intricacies of design:  from delicate frames with neat details to singular color combinations to subtle shapes both in acetate and metal, all of which clearly reflect the DNA of the brand.

When it comes to color, this season’s collection takes inspiration from 3 key trends to create eyewear acetates in 76 color combinations!  The trends are:

  1. Street details – think urban graffiti, textures, grilles, bars, and stripes.
  2. Flashing Lights – the most futuristic trend takes its inspiration from visionary movies like Blade Runner.  Fluorescent colors combined with flash-type structures and finished with colored glitter and pixels, sure to turn heads.
  3. Pure Nature – the most ethnic trend that’s also closest to nature.  Designed using organic, earthy tones and textures inspired by stones and plants: natural balanced colors.

Stop in to see the collection ~~ new arrivals daily!