A: Our comprehensive eye exam usually takes about 40- 45 minutes, including ordering new contacts. You’ll want to allow more time for purchasing eyewear and sun wear, but don’t be surprised if you lose track of time because of how much fun you’ll have trying on eyewear.

Of course, certain variables come into play- such as:

  • When doctors need to answer your health concerns or if this is your first eye exam in our office, and don’t forget, children may require more time.
  • If you are a new patient, you’ll want to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of the scheduled time to complete the Health History Form and to show insurance information. It’s one of those admin things.
  • Every year we request that patients complete a new HIPPA Consent and Patient Responsibility form.
  • Every three years patients are asked to update their Health History form, as are all new patients. Again, one of those rules.
  • Pre-testing is required for all eye exams, contact lens evaluation, etc.
  • If you choose dilation, it usually takes 10-15 minutes to be effective and for the doctor to check the dilated eyes. Dilation usually wears off after three to four hours after the drops have been applied.

Your eye health is very important to us. Eye examinations at Maple Grove Eye Doctors are thorough and may include dilation of the pupils (expect fuzzy vision and light sensitivity 1-2 hours afterward on the average – sunglasses are provided). The health check portion of the examination covers common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Signs of diabetes and high blood pressure and many other diseases and disorders can also be detected by an eye examination. To monitor your eye health – whether you wear vision correction or not – it is recommended to have an eye examination every 1-2 years. Children should have their first comprehensive eye exam before starting school.