A Great Pair of Lenses

Did you know that both frame AND lens design can affect performance and appearance?

Yup, they work together, and it’s optimal to have a professional optician lead the way in choosing from the huge array of options.

The general consensus is that most lenses look alike, right? WRONG!

Lenses are the light benders that improve visual performance. Attributes that make lenses more attractive include edge thickness, center thickness, curvature, magnifying, reflections, edge finish, and tint. Who knew?

Certainly when a lens is thinner, it looks less strong, and that translates easily to it being more attractive.  Our opticians are masters of figuring out the best and most attractively thin lens for every prescription.

Have you ever seen someone with glasses that have a yellowish look to them making the wearer appear sallow and unhealthy?  This can be caused by lenses that are not of high quality or by someone recommending a lens that is wrong for the prescription.

What about front surface reflections in lenses that can hide one’s eyes and detract from their appearance?  Again, it’s about quality AR (anti-reflective) coatings.  A good quality AR treatment is like taking the lens away and leaving the prescription in place.  AR technology improves performance of EVERY prescription and every lens material.  Used properly, it not only makes lenses less visible, it can also make them more attractive, equating to improved appearance.

Edge thickness is primarily related to higher power minus lenses with seemingly excess lens material protruding backward from the eyewire.  Using a more rounded or oval lens, by a skilled optician and lab tech can make the edges thinner.

Who wants the ‘big eyes’ effect with their plus lenses or the ‘beady eyes’ effects of minus lenses?  Yikes!  Our opticians and our lab techs know how to use lens designs with flatter aspheric base curves and reduced center thickness to minimize magnification in plus lenses and how to reduce edge thickness and magnification in minus lenses.

How attractive are thick lateral edges on a lens?  We don’t think so!  Our team of professionals has a few ‘tricks up their sleeves’ to avoid this – rolling the edges of the lens, or edge tinting can be done, etc.

The shape of the lens that our team recommends can often be determined by one’s prescription.  When a rounded or oval-shaped lens is fitted, thickest points can be eliminated.

Lastly, there’s tint to consider.  In general, lens tints do little to improve the appearance of the lens itself, unless one wants the dramatic look of a bright flash-tint.

Want to look your best?  ‘See’ our professional team of opticians and onsite lab techs; afterall, we wouldn’t recommend anything that we don’t wear ourselves!