Keep eyes healthy is important for everyone:

You might also have a higher risk of some eye diseases if you are overweight or obese or are African American,          Hispanic, or Native American.

  • Schedule a Dilated Comprehensive Eye Exam today even if you think there is nothing wrong!  Getting a dilated eye exam is simple and painless — and it’s the single best thing you can do for your eye health!
  • Know your risk for eye diseases such as glaucoma and AMD by knowing your family health history
  • Eat healthy foods especially dark, leafy greens and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Exercise.  Physical exercise is good for your eyes. Who knew?
    Cardio exercise also increases the flow of blood to the optic nerve and the retina. Because of these effects, overall eye health and vision can be improved, but it’s especially beneficial to people with glaucoma.
  • Quit smoking, obviously.
  • Wear good quality😎 sunglasses!  YES. it can be that easy, as long as they have verified UV protection, quality lenses and they fit well.
  • Prevent eye injury by wearing safety glasses or goggles during high risk activities like sports; this is especially important for children even if they do not need corrective lenses
  • Every 20 minutes take a break from looking at a computer screen
  • 20 20 20 rule Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle Vsion

    20-20-20 rule