Learn about your mascara

Is there anything more magical than the perfect mascara?  When I started to get itchy eyes and having a difficult time removing it, I began to wonder:

What’s actually inside that tube of mascara?
And are those ingredients harmful to my eyes?
What about my eyelids?

Top commercial mascara brands are known to contain inexpensive, yet unhealthy ingredients. Some ingredients help the mascara “stick” to your eyelashes, thus accentuating the appearance of length. Many mascaras are heavily stocked with harsh preservatives to kill bacteria. Many of these unhealthy ingredients are considered toxic to the sensitive skin of the eyelids, and even to the eyes themselves.

Here’s a list of top harmful mascara ingredients you need to avoid like an ex-boyfriend:

  1. Formaldehyde and Parabens
  2. Aluminum Powder and Coal Tar Dyes
  3. Propylene Glycol
  4. Fragrances

What you need in your life is a water based mascara with natural plant waxes and oils. Here are some  recommendations:

  1. Lily Lolo Black Mascara

  2. Beauty Counter

  3. 100% Pure Maracuja Mascara

  4. Juice Beauty Mascara

  I personally love Dr. Tonya Gill’s  we love eyes eyelid scrub kit!  Using her  2-step system has helped me do the dirty work!



And lastly. Never. Ever. Sleep in your mascara! Please! Yup, this is very important.