Tips and Tricks and Masks for Eyeglass Wearers that do NOT FOG up your glasses!

We, actually have found the perfect solution  — we have found a cleaning cloth that keeps your glasses from fogging up AND we have them in stock!   This revolutionary new product designed by biotech scientists is a game-changer compared to older anti-fog solutions. This dry wipe can be used well over 500 times and lasts between 24+ hrs per wipe! Its ultrafine microfiber cloth can be safely used on any lenses including those that are coated.  With the current use of masks, this cloth is the perfect solution.  Stop in our office to pick one up or call 763-416-0622.

Here is actually a VERY SIMPLE hack that we found that eliminates foggy glasses when wearing a mask.  SIMPLE. CHEAP. WORKS.


 Here are 6 ways to avoid foggy glasses while wearing a mask:

foggy glasses on a man wearing face mask

While face masks help us avoid unknowingly transmitting coronavirus, millions of eyeglass wearers are discovering the nuisance of mask-induced foggy lenses.

Why are my glasses foggy?

Simply said, body heat and air flow lead to foggy lenses.

When you’re wearing a face mask, you repeatedly breathe out warm air. This air then can sneak out of the top of your mask and steam up the lenses of your glasses. Of course, this can make it difficult to see.

The “misting” of lenses happens when warm water vapor from your breath lands on the cooler lenses, producing tiny droplets that scatter light and reduce the lenses’ ability to transmit contrast (when light colors remain light and dark colors remain dark).

6 ways to avoid foggy🤓 glasses

Now that you know why your lenses fog up, here are 6 ways to prevent this fog when you’re wearing glasses and a face mask.

1. Wash the lenses with soapy water

The study mentioned above offers a simple solution to the foggy-lens problem.

Before slipping on a face mask, wash your glasses or sunglasses lenses with soapy water and shake off the excess moisture. Then, let your glasses air dry or gently dry the lenses with a clean microfiber cloth.

Using this method, the lenses shouldn’t fog up once you put on the mask and glasses. Why? Cleaning the lenses with soapy water leaves a thin film that reduces the “inherent surface tension” and prods the water molecules to form a transparent layer.

To avoid damage to your lenses, PLEASE do not👎🏻 clean your lenses with products like baby shampoo, toothpaste or shaving cream. We repeat.  DO. NOT.

2. Seal the mask

A common trick employed by doctors involves sticking a piece of double-sided tape across the bridge of the nose before putting on a mask. Yep. You heard it here.  Double sided tape on your nose.😏

Apparently, if you place the double-sided tape between the inside of the mask and the bridge of your nose, it will create a better seal.  You can also place an additional piece of cellophane or masking tape over the mask as well.

3. Make sure the mask😷 fits well

A loose-fitting mask lets exhaled air head toward your glasses, but a snugly fitting mask can shoot that air out of the bottom or sides of the mask and away from your glasses.

Our best tip yet, is to wear a mask that really fits well; masks equipped with moldable pieces around the nose (such as a metal strip) or masks that come in various sizes.

If the mask is well-fitted, it will dramatically help to prevent the amount of hot air that can reach the lenses.  YES!  Let’s reduce ‘hot air’ from people’s mouths!  LOL. Black Mask Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle vision

Make sure that your face mask has a snug fit around the bridge of your nose.  The more conformed the mask is around the bridge of your nose, the less of that hot air will end up hitting your lenses. (Unless of course, you have an abundance of ‘hot air’, then nothing will help😂).

If you’re the crafty sort and made your own cloth mask, create a seal around the nose by inserting a moldable item into the upper part of the mask– this could be a paper clip, pipe cleaner, twist tie or a folded piece of aluminum foil. We like the pipe cleaner option best; less potential for poking one’s eye with a paper clip or twist tie.

4. Adjust your glasses

If your glasses have nose pads, you can tweak the pads so that the frames sit slightly farther from your face.   Our Julia does this; it looks weird but solves the problem. Weird = No Fog.  You choose.

This will allow that hot air to escape instead of getting trapped between your face and the lenses of the glasses. And Julia does have a LOT of HOT AIR😂😂😂

POTENTIAL COMPLICATION: Altering the nose pads may slightly change your vision if you wear glasses with progressive lenses or lenses with a strong prescription. If that happens, you might need to hold your head at a different angle to compensate for the vision change OR see one of our opticians who can adjust your frame with your mask on for optimal vision.  JUST. ASK. JULIA.

5. Try de-fogging products

Applying over-the-counter anti-fogging sprays, waxes and gels to your lenses before putting on your glasses can quickly disperse tiny fog droplets when you’re wearing a mask.

Some work better with different body chemistry, so you may need to try a few brands to see which one works best for you. AND some don’t work at all. AND you may want to check with us first so that you don’t risk ruining your custom lenses or the coatings on them.

WARNING:  using anti-fogging products designed for cars or other purposes might ruin your prescription lenses, and irritate your skin and. eyes.  DO NOT DO THIS.

6. Breathe downward

Well, it might be awkward, but breathing downward can be a quick anti-fog fix.  This sends the air away from your glasses.

How do you breathe downward?   Hold your upper lip over your lower lip. Then blow air downward, as if you’re playing a flute. Never played a flute? This could be challenging then.😀

We did some homework and we have some masks that work the best with glasses bc of the way that they’re shaped (ergonomically), the fit on the bridge, the adjustable ear loops, and the filter pocket! And YES. WE. SELL. THEM. 2 for $18 with 2 filters.  Coffee filters can also be used with these masks.  Easy. Comfortable. No more fog. A good investment!

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