We take care of our faces because, whether we’re conscious of it or not, we all understand it’s what another person looks at when they engage with us. Good or bad, it is the way we initially judge someone. You know that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, your face is the cover. And, for most of us, we want our “cover” to look good.

So, what do we do? Women apply make-up, men shave. Teenagers fight acne (and their parents). Ah, yes … our faces are important. We brush and floss our teeth because we want to keep our mouths healthy and understand our smiles are important. Our noses, well, who among us doesn’t want to keep them clean? Then,,,,, we get to … our eyes.

Yes, when we first take in someone’s face, we end up concentrating on their eyes.  Good or bad, it is the way we initially judge someone.  If their glasses are outdated, what is our impression?  If their glasses are ill fitting, what is our impression?  If their lenses are dirty or don’t have anti reflective coating, what is our impression?  If their glasses are on top of their head, what is our impression?

If money were truly the issue, people wouldn’t spend so much of it on tablets and smartphones. Eyewear has to be more significant than one’s phone! Did you know that your phone has an AR coating to reduce glare? You definitely want the same technology sitting on your face, right in front of your eyes, right?!

Maybe you spend the majority of your work day in front a computer, then reading texts on your phone, and then posting on Instagram from your tablet? And then, when you get home, your eyes go back and forth from your phone to your kids making sure they don’t burn down your house? Wow, that’s quite a workout for your eyes and your neck.

Why don’t you give your neck a break and improve your vision by using the latest technology in lenses? We will find you some incredibly comfortable and cool looking frames to sit on your extraordinary face.

It doesn’t get any more personal than what sits on your face, does it?