Recreating perfect vision while at work and at play.

What does ‘recreating perfect vision’ mean?

You have your routine.  Every daily scenario can be improved with the right technology – one that has been specifically tailored for the task at hand.  Prescription solutions are continuing to be improved to better the visual experience.

Everyday. Everyday digital lenses adapted to the patient’s prescription ensure a clear and comfortable experience.

Work. Computer lenses are perfect for viewing the computer and mid distances up to 10 ft in the workplace, eliminating neck strain and headaches.

Play.  Progressive sun lenses designed for sports and active living enhance one’s visual experience and performance.  Polarized lenses cut glare while on the water or while driving.

Our patients are outfitted with superior lenses and the best in lens technology.  Our opticians can customize precision optics to any prescription; they are knowledgeable and can educate patients on the best choices in today’s technology for their prescription and for their lifestyle.  Our opticians are the link between technology and optimal vision.

We only sell quality lenses that we test and that wear ourselves.  We are a locally owned small business with the patient experience at the forefront of our minds every day.

Visit us today to ‘see’ the difference!  SEE WHAT’S out there.