Sunwear for Seniors

Though the visual proclivities or one’s past and disease may have taken its toll on one’s eyes, it is vitally important to the quality of life to preserve what is left. The eyes in particular need our cared to prevent future ravages of light that we now know contribute to cataracts and retinal problems. It is the opinion of our doctors that we should do our very best to protect any vision that we have.

Some reasons that seniors may not be wearing sunwear are ~~ they never have so why start now, tighter budget now, no concept of their benefits.

Cataracts usually sneak up you ~` you may be aware of a bit more glare, increasing with time. Diminishing the light with sunwear is a big help at this point.
There is no definitive time to have cataract surgery except when the patient reaches their frustration level. After surgery, colors are bright and vivid!

As we age the tissues in our body retain less moisture; the eyes are dryer too, which can scatter light, causing a haziness. Also, the clear tissues in our eyes discolor to some degree and and pupil diameter is reduced, therefor reducing light.
Hence the need to prevent moving air from drying the eyes, we need proper fitting sunglasses, preferable with larger lenses, maybe a wrap style, and copper colored polarized lenses which tend to be lighter. Since lighter lenses are optimal for seniors having difficulty adapting from light to dark, anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lens will increase transmittance through the lens.

Given the benefits of well designed frames, our opticians and lab techs can design the visual assist for a senior’s benefit.

BTW ~~ who is a ‘Senior, anyway? While no one likes the term (except for the AARP discounts, which we do honor :-), without optimal eyesight, a person cannot live life to the fullest, and could be subjecting themselves to accidental falls or a less active life!

So, in our business, we ‘see’ the person and their eyecare needs, we don’t see a ‘Senior’!!