Back to School is as easy as 1,2,3!

New schedules. New teachers. New friends. New eyewear!

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Kids need an comprehensive eye exam by age 4, before starting kindergarten. It is important to check the health of a child’s eyes, in addition to having a baseline to work from throughout the school age years. Kids are on digital devices, many times, a large part of their day. Kids also don’t play outside enough – looking at a distance is important to maintain optimal vision. Too much screen time causes less blinking, hence the eyes become tired and dry, and can be the start of myopia
(near-sightedness), a common vision condition in which one can see objects near to them clearly, but objects farther away are blurry. Not good for school performance or sociability!

If your child plays sports, it is important that they wear sports eye protection, not regular glasses or no glasses. A simple hit by a baseball or a football could become a devastating injury to the eye.

Why wouldn’t you give your child the advantage in school by ensuring that they have optimal vision and healthy eyes?