When should adults have a Comprehensive Baseline Eye Exam?

There seem to be clear guidelines when it comes to scheduling your first mammogram or colonoscopy;
yet there’s still quite uncertainty, when one should start getting their baseline eye exam.

So here are our Team’s recommendations if you are an adult and eyecare wasn’t part of your healthcare as a child:

If your eyes are healthy and vision is good, you should have a complete comprehensive exam with dilation,  by your Eye Doctor once in your 20s and twice in your 30s.  Disclaimer:  How do you know if your vision is good or optimal?  Well,,,,,,,by having an eye exam😌 and we recommend that children have their first eye exam by age 4.

Of course, there ARE some exceptions:

• If you have an infection such as pink eye, an injury to an eye or eye pain, or if you notice sudden floaters and flashes or patterns of light, Schedule an Eye Exam right away!
• If you wear contact lenses, see your eye doctor every year.
• If you have diabetes or have a family history of eye disease, talk with your eye doctor about how often your eyes should be examined.

Don’t wait until 40 for an eye exam and when you stop being able to see fine print!  Your doctor prefers a baseline to work from before presbyopia sets in!

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See an eye doctor now if you have an eye disease or risk factors such as:
• diabetes
• high blood pressure
• family history of eye disease.

It’s important to follow the schedule your Eye Doctor gives you, especially as you age. Your risk for eye disease increases as you get older.

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Seniors and eye exams:
If you are 65 or older, make sure you have your eyes checked every year. Your eye doctor will check for signs of age-related eye diseases such as:
• cataracts
• diabetic retinopathy
• age-related macular degeneration
• glaucoma

Remember, always follow the schedule your eye doctor recommends for future eye exams!