Are you experiencing eye strain at your office computer?

US workers spend an average of 7 hours per day on computers.  96% of working Americans use new communications technology as part of their daily life, while 62% use the internet as part of their jobs.

Setting aside the obvious digitals eye strain issues and risks from prolonged blue light exposure that affect everyone, computer work presents a unique set of vision issues for presbyopic or soon to be presbyopic patients.  This is where near – variable or workplace lenses that are designed for use at an office computer is easing the strain.

The height and distance of  computer monitors make it difficult for standard progressive lenses, especially given the narrow channel of typical progressives.  Computer or workplace lenses have optimized larger and wider zones in the visual distance that the wearer needs most – usually in the intermediate area for computer users.

The standard progressive lens is good for everything; it’s NOT GREAT for everything!  The progressive is a general pair of glasses for everyday wear as well as OCCASIONAL computer use and reading.  When you need clearer more comfortable vision for computer work, near-variable or computer lenses are phenomenal!

Progressive wearers often need to move their head up; or down slightly to see various areas of their monitor  clearly.  With computer lenses, the sweet spot is exactly at the height and width one needs to see their entire monitor clearly and comfortably, with head and neck pain drastically reduced.

Because not every worker’s tasks are the same, many of today’s computer lenses are customizable to specific needs.

Our doctors discuss this in the exam room and our opticians back it up with their knowledge of lens options, customizable for each patient.

What do your eyes do all day?