Will you be looking good while seeing 20/20 this year?

When we do our frame collection purchasing onsite at our business or at the bi-yearly Vision Expos held in Las Vegas and in NYC, our buyers study the shapes, note the materials, do the ’touch and feel’ assessing the quality of the frame material, hinges, nosepads, and comfort therefore opening our minds and our eyes to brands that will ultimately impact our customers’ selections.  Eyewear has a rich heritage and an even more powerful future. Eyeglasses are essentially a relationship between lenses and frames. The frames are the fashionable part of the duo, so they get most of the fanfare, while the lenses do most of the “heavy lifting” but attract little attention. 


 We are seeing more translucent colors in plastic frames and people are liking how light that they look on their face.  For summer, unique shapes in metal frames and thinner looks with the big chunky frames being less popular.  Plastic frames with nosepads are also becoming more popular — the best of both worlds bc the nose pad can have a customized adjustment to a person’s bridge rather than having to find the perfect bridge size on a frame that does not have nose pads.

Popular colors are rose gold, translucent colors.  Popular shapes are large rounder shapes,  modified cat eye and octagonal shapes  

Mirrored Rose Gold Sunglasses Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle Vision


Depending on price point and designer or not, the differences can be distinct and sometimes trends such as frame shapes carry across most brands.  The main differences can be the frame material and quality (titanium which is lighter and more durable than stainless steel), some designers use logo placement and bling such as jewels and metals in their designs.  Because our team knows the features and benefits of the brands that we carry they are able to select and recommend brands that compliment each customer’s style, face shape, bridge size and skin tone, in addition to price point.

Trends do crossover between brands, depending on the type of designer brand the differences can be seen in temple design, shapes, and mixing of colors and /or metals.

Titanium is the lightest, strongest and most hypo allergenic frame material that there is, so therefore is more expensive than stainless steel that is heavier, less hypo allergenic and durable.  In regards to plastic frames there is also different quality levels — lightweight plastics with nosepads and unique coloring can be more expensive than heavier plastics with less unique coloring and design.


 Warm skin tones look better with cool colors, skin tones with no pink undertones look great with translucent pink and beige colors, black frames generally look great on most people.   A black frame on a person with fair skin will look bolder than on someone with darker skin tones.  We generally go with the rule that if a color looks good on someone with their eye color and skin tone (hair colors can change) it will look good with anything that they wear.


                                          Blue (the color for 2020) frames are very complimentary with blue or green eyes.


 Face shape is the first thing that we look at when styling someone — face shape should never be repeated with the same frame shape.  A heart shaped face can generally wear any shaped frame.  We always want to style our customers in frames that are ‘happy’ —meaning that they are uplifting at the corners and are not too big for the face.  The eye should be centered in the frame — we see people where the top of the frame is in the middle of the eye, cutting off the person’s eyes and vision.

As with everything, there is truth in the phrase, “you get what you pay for”.  Designer labels, higher quality frame materials, and styling do cost more.  Our buyers make sure that we have great quality frames in every category, starting at $100.  We know the companies that provide higher quality at lower prices so low price in our store doesn’t mean poor quality or that one needs to compromise fit and shape at a lower price point.

This is key to how a person feels about wearing their glasses.  An uplifting frame style can make someone look happy😊 A square frame on a square shaped face will make someone look unattractive.  The wrong color — a  pink or red frame on a person with a rosy complexion will make their skin look more red.  A frame that is too large or too small or doesn’t fit the bridge is unbecoming in every way.  For our team fit and comfort are also high on the list for choosing the right frame bc if the wearer is uncomfortable wearing their glasses it makes for long days of discomfort.  Also recommendations on lenses can make the difference in comfort, vision, and function.  We never let anyone walk out of our business not looking fabulous (regardless of price) bc that would be a reflection on usFrames can definitely change how one is perceived and also tell a little about personality in the choices that are made — color, size, bold design, sophistication, hipster, conservative, etc.

Kids generally like more color, and can be sized up for growth; durability is definitely important as is Sports Protective Eyewear..

Kids in glasses maple grove eye doctors

First time presbyopes without any other prescription (need glasses for reading at a certain age):  The most important choice for these customers is COMFORT first bc they are not used to having something on their face.

 Younger customers — teens, 20-30’s are more often interested in trends; however our female customers of all ages are generally interested in color trends more than shape trends.

 Male customers – many times are concerned with durability first, and size second especially if their glasses have not been updated in some time.

 Both male and female customers may also choose frameless frames where the lenses are held together with only the metal on the bridge and temples.  These frames are extremely lightweight and are not as noticeable on the wearer.

 Generally, we recommend sunglasses that will cover the eye completely to avoid sun damage under the eyes; comfort is important as is the lens selection — polarized lenses are especially important for sports –  fishing, boating and golf, and life in general bc they cut out glare from the sun or reflections on the road or water.   Brown is the lens of choice for golfers because it enhances the different shades of green on golf courses.  Women tend to be a little more daring with their sunglasses and kids who start wearing quality sunglasses early form good habits for life.

Maui Jim and Oakley are 2 brands that are popular for people who are more sporty and want more coverage with a wrapped frame and anti reflective coating on the back of the lens which cuts out even more glare from reflection.  Mirrored lenses do minimize light transmission but are chosen for the cosmetic aspect of how they look.  

Aviator shaped frames are popular for men, women, and teens – this shape has endured through the ages.  Large bold colored frames with bling are popular with women — brands such as Dior, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Valentino, Versace, Tiffany and Dolce Gabanna.  Persol is the iconic brand made in Italy that has the irresistible appeal of timeless design and art-like quality that makes this brand the favorite of stars and our customers alike. Michael Kors SunGlasses Maple Grove

 Our business is family owned; our team are a happy group of professionals who love their work.  Our customers are styled by experts in our field who consider all aspects of frame design, face shape, and comfort, helping them feel good while enjoying  optimal vision.