This year, the annual Contact Lens Health Week, will be observed from August 21-25th. It may just be one of the most undervalued national health weeks, and it may seem like a pretty small part of your life; you may not even need contact lenses, yet, but eye health and our ability to see is something no one should take for granted. YES. WE MEAN NO ONE!

Contact Lens Health Week is a call to action for all those who need assistance. With the creation of contact lenses and because they are so widely used, the need to draw attention to the proper use of and care for contact lenses is essential. The condition of your contact lens directly affects your ability to see, and further deterioration of your eyesight.

What Are Contact Lenses?

If you have an optical prescription that requires correction for a long time, chances are you have tried various glasses to see what fits your face and the occasion well. However, there are times when you must keep your lifestyle in mind when selecting how to correct your vision. This is where contact lenses come into play!

They Are Very Comfortable (If You Put Them On Correctly)!

Contact lenses are very comfortable and beneficial to everyone who leads an active lifestyle. If you are into exercising or sports, contacts are ideal since they will not slip and fall off your face or get damaged quickly like glasses. They are also a perfect fit for everyday work life. You won’t have to constantly keep sliding your glasses back up your nose each time you tilt your head. However, it’s essential for you to put them on correctly. Always speak with a professional to learn the correct way!

You Will Have A Full Field Of Vision.

Since all glasses sit on the nose around half an inch away from our eyes, they often result in little to no peripheral vision. However, since contacts sit on the surface of your eye, they can quickly eliminate any issues resulting from the gap created by glasses. With contact lenses, you can easily gain a full field of vision which can be very helpful, especially while driving.

No More Smudges or Glare

Speaking of driving, if you wear corrective glasses, you probably know what it feels like to be blinded by the sun’s glare bouncing off the glasses. It can create a dangerous situation where your vision gets temporarily impaired. It could result in a severe accident when driving on the road. However, contact lenses don’t create any reflections or glare when you look at the sun. They sit perfectly on your eyes, not in front of them, making them an ideal solution for driving or any other outdoor activity!

However, there are certain risks associated with contact lenses as well! These risks have been thoroughly documented in several scientific articles. Regardless, most people choose not to read scientific literature. As such, speaking with your optometrist to learn more about all the risks associated with improper contact lens use is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or a long-time wearer; your eye care team can remind you of the importance of following proper usage, cleaning, and disposal guidelines related to contact lenses since fresh information is constantly being discovered. Remember to always follow your Optometrist’s instructions!

What is the worst that can happen? If you fail to follow the instructions set out by your Optometrist, you would be lucky to walk away with an irritated eye that is simply red and puffy; the worst could cause blindness.

woman with contact lens Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle Vision


  1. People love them

Around 125 million people worldwide wear contact lenses, and soft lenses are the industry leader among consumers.

  1. They’re for the gals

Almost two-thirds of contact lens wearers are female, and the average age of wearers around the world is 31-years-old.

  1. It’s Hollywood propaganda

Modern contacts can’t pop out of your eye.

  1. Why we need them

In a broad study, the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that between 40% and 90% of all contact lens wearers do NOT follow the proper instructions given by their optometrist.  Yikes, people!

  1. They’re safe to use

Contact lenses are safe; only around one in 500 people receive a serious eye infection from them IF good contact lens hygiene is practiced!

Contact lenses are medical devices, and failure to wear, clean, and store them as directed, can increase the risk of eye infections, such as microbial keratitis. FOLLOW THE RULES, PLEASE.🤓

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