Kids often don’t know what they cannot see.

Many kids believe blurry vision is normal, but if you can spot the symptoms of myopia (commonly called near-sightedness), you can help!

Children who need glasses and don’t have them are more likely to be misdiagnosed with behavioral issues in kindergarten, be considered “slow” learners by 5th grade and drop out of high school as they look for recognition and a sense of belonging on the street which they cannot find in school.

Unfortunately, in low-income communities, most children who need glasses don’t have them due to financial constraints, language barriers, unresponsive health bureaucracies or the simple fact there are no eye care professionals in their neighborhood. Our practice solves the problem by donating eye exams and glasses to the kids when the school nurse in our school district 279 deems them unable to pay —AND we are located in their local neighborhood.  We will even deliver glasses to the kids at their school.

If you are a teacher or a mom seeing these signs, Book an Eye Exam Now  for the child, so vision issues like myopia can be diagnosed and managed early on.
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