These mites can be contagious.

Eyelash mites may spread from contact with others who have them. This can be a result of having close contact with someone else who has a mite infestation in their eyelashes or skin. You’ve also likely been told to never share eye makeup.

Eyelash mites are only of the demodex folliculorum variety. The demodex brevis is usually found on the sebaceous glands, and the demodex folliculorum is found on hair follicles. … They are so small that there may be over 25 mites on one eyelashfollicle. They do not like light.


The fact is that these mites can become ubiquitous on any part of the body that has hair. However, they are most frequently associated with infesting the human face where they cause issues including bacterial infections that trigger such things as rosacea and blepharitis. And yes, they do live in and on your eyebrows.

Symptoms of Demodex mites on the eyelashes may include:

  • itchiness in the eyelashes and surrounding skin.
  • scaly, rough patches of skin with crusty discharge
  • redness around the eyes.
  • burning sensation in your eyes.
  • worsening skin symptoms or flare-ups, such as in rosacea and eczema (dermatitis)

If you think that you may be infected with eyelash mites, Schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors


How do you get rid of them?  Our doctors may tell you these tips:

  1. Apply Heat Using A Warm Compress.
  2. Wash Your Face With Soap That Contains Tea Tree Oil For Lashes and Eyelids. (Dilute the Tea Tree Oil 50/50 with water) . Tea Tree Soap maple grove eye doctors at pearle vision
  3. Keep Your Eyelids Clean With A Hypochlorous Acid Based Eyelid Cleanser. (Hypocholorous acid is an organic, completely natural substance released from the body’s neutrophil cells. HOCl functions in the body as an anti-microbial agent, and it also neutralizes bacteria, toxins, and inflammatory mediators in the body). We like the brand ‘Heyedrate’Buy it hereHeyedrate Maple Grove Eye Doctors at Pearle Vision

Apparently your eyelashes are a popular place for bacteria to grow, and mascara only worsens the situation. … The mites are covered with scales to help themselves attach to the eyelash. The mites have a sharp, point like mouth, which eats away the dead skin cells and hair follicles on the eyelash.  Read more information here


How to Avoid becoming infected:

  • Always remove makeup at night before bedtime
  • Especially clean eyelids and eyelashes with a hypochlorous cleaner that removes eyelash glue and mascara
  • Avoid waterproof mascara that has chemicals that make it much more difficult to remove

Mascara Tips

You do not need to wear mascara to get eyelash mites, but it certainly increases the chance that you might have them. … The female mites are shorter and rounder than males. They fertilize and lay eggs on your eyelashes, which eventually hash and create their own eggs.


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