Our office can help you get approved right on the spot for the Pearle Vision Synchrony Financial card !  Why?  To help our patients bridge the gap between the doctor’s treatment plan and their wallet!  Need a little leeway that financing can offer?  You may be eligible for promotional financing over a 6 or 12 month period, making monthly payments. You no longer need to decide whether it’s contact lenses, a dressy pair of glasses or a bold pair for fun nights, a pair of computer glasses, or prescription sunglasses.  It can be all of them.

Our doctors usually prescribe a treatment plan that may include a primary pair of glasses with the appropriate lens treatments, in addition to eyewear for specific needs: sports, computer use, driving, sunwear or fun wear.  It also may include a prescription for contact lenses and it may even include nutritional supplements or other products.

The Pearle Vision Synchrony card can help you you spread out payments so that you can get the eyeglasses that you really want and the features that the doctor spoke about.

See the world more clearly than ever before.