Nothing is Normal and No One is OK in our Covid world today.  We. Get. That.  At times, our patients arrive stressed and short tempered.

Who knows why, but they tend to take it out on undeserving recipients; not just us, the professionals who actually showed up to work, but at grocery stores, coffee shops, pharmacies and other service-oriented businesses and professions.

Every single person on our team does their very best, every single day,  to show empathy in these situations.  We try to put ourselves in another’s shoes, and we do agree that of all the senses, vision is the most precious, and fear of not having the best possible vision is real.  We see it with people self diagnosing the need for blue light glasses, purchasing reading glasses with a perceived best power, people purchasing ill fitting glasses online, and people not recognizing the symptoms of dry eye disease and what that means for long term vision.

Being able to afford the best in optics is also not feasible for everyone, which adds to their stress.  We understand that our patients are nervous about deciding on eyewear that they may have to live with for 2+ years.  Every. Day. Visually.  In The Mirror.  SO~~~we try to walk in their shoes to make the process better for all of us.


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Our team understands the the difference between medical vs vision insurance.  Most of our patients do not.  We know that our patients don”t know the difference between transitional and photochromic and progressive lenses.  Sometimes we know they have a pre-conceived false idea that we are overcharging them.  BUT, on the other hand, we know that the overwhelming percentage of society is good, and that when people act out, it is usually out of fear or discomfort, so we do our best not to take it personal.  We understand that they are not challenging our expertise; they just don’t know.  Sometimes, we can find humor in it all, by making a silly joke to get them to laugh with us.

In the end, we believe in most cases, that our practice was put in their optical path to make their experience better than they could have ever imagined.  We know that our Doctors, Opticians, Technicians, and Front Desk Team are all professional OPTICAL ROCK STARS, while staying super humble.  We try our best to have fun in our practice every single day.

SO. WE. INVITE. YOU. TO. OUR. PRACTICE.  We guarantee that you will ‘see’ the difference.

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