It takes time, thought, reflection, experience, instinct, expertise, and a touch of guts to create a truly spectacular pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Writing eyeglass orders without full knowledge of the impact their choices will have on acuity, comfort, visual utility or personal preferences of the wearer is unacceptable in our practice.

Lens manufacturers have different design philosophies, especially when it comes to progressives.  For example, one manufacturer’s product will have a steeper curve than another.  Our Opticians are professionals who know the products they sell and who should wear them.

          Everyday, Our Opticians:

  1. Find frame styles that will fit, look great, and are good value, and that don’t pose unnecessary challenges for more difficult prescriptions.
  2. We carry freeform lenses that offer the curve, index, Abbe and design choices.
  3. Our lab team is very experienced and skilled ~~ they literally work miracles when placing lenses in the most optimal position within the frame.
  4. We carry only the highest quality Anti-Reflective coatings because an AR coating that’s tough to keep clean can be inferior to no AR at all.

A practice is either committed to optical excellence or only out for the best looking cosmetics.  The reality is that the best recipe for any pair of glasses is far more complicated than this.  When the recipe behind a pair of specs is truly done well, the return on a patient’s investment is unmatched by online and direct to consumer suppliers who try to simplify choices to remain efficient and profitable.  We have the luxury of achieving the perfect balance of optics and cosmetics in every pair that we make.  It is our biggest differentiator.  Our patients wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.