See well with care from our team of eye doctors.  Look better with styling by our team of professional opticians.Feel good with a happy customer experience.

Our team is smart and logical, as if they epitomize the clarity of vision customers will enjoy.  We are always have the ambitious goal of perfecting the customer experience.

When you walk into our practice, you will be greeted at the reception desk with a friendly welcome and given direction of where to go.  We pride ourselves by operating on our four core values:  approachable, distinctive, proficiency, and conscientious.  Every decision regarding our patients and our practice is made with these principles in mind.

We also try to communicate with our patients as much as possible, whether it’s with a hand written thank you note or a phone call to check on them.

Our doctors perform fast and easy exams with a hand off to a highly trained optician for recommendations on choosing the best eyewear and sunglasses for the visual and lifestyle needs.

Our in house lab can often make lenses in one hour, and we also can do home/office/care center deliveries.

Happy patients are our lifeline, and we depend on their referrals.  Our patients generally want a more customized and personal experience, and are looking for a one stop shop to have all their vision needs met.  They are the kind of customers who like to shop at small local businesses, and who value creating a long term relationship with their medical providers.

We strive to meet our customers’ expectations and hopefully exceed them every day.  We ARE our community; we volunteer and donate as much as we can.

We love to inspire brilliance by identifying and encouraging our team’s best traits and talents.  We put people before goals and we pay special attention to how our team sees us, and hears from us, from facial expressions to tone of voice.  Our job is to solve problems, not add to them.