Optics isn’t horseshoes.  ‘Almost’ isn’t good enough.

Why are we the best?  Why is our referral rate so high?  We’ll be happy to tell you why.

  1. We have curated a comprehensive selection that shows a variety of options that speak to our patients’ various wardrobe, mood, and vision needs and wants.  We offer a distinct range of unique designs / designers, all chosen personally by our General Manager and her Buying Assistant.
  2. We listen.  What people say and what they mean often lives between the words.  Clarity is key, so we listen to the cues.  If a patient voices a concern, objection, or observation, they want an acknowledgement, response, or conversation on the subject, otherwise they wouldn’t have mentioned it.
  3. We share our knowledge…. the right way.  We try every day to ensure that our patients leave knowing a bit more than when they came in by including them in the decision-making -~~why we are recommending certain lenses or frame shapes and sizes.
  4. Precision is paramount.  Fitting frames requires a critical eye.  Composition is mathematical.  Are the proportions of the features in harmony with the geometry of the frame?  Almost is not good enough in our practice.
  5. We are problem solvers.  We try to nip any problems in the bud immediately.  If an issue arises during the process, we offer solutions on the spot so as to avoid one less problem to fix.
  6. It’s all about enhancement.  If the selection doesn’t enhance the wearer’s look and vision, we stop and take a new direction.  We are here for their betterment.  Anything less is doing our patients a disservice.