The business we 5 doctors practice in, is the #1 volume Pearle Vision franchise in North America.  We’ve maintained that status since the year that we purchased the business in 2011.  How do we do it, year after year?

Maintaining our belief in keeping high standards in everything that we do and sell:

Attention to detail from the moment someone enters our business and ongoing, as long as they’re our customer.  We hope that’s forever:)

The best state of the art digital equipment for our doctors.

Ongoing research and education – we know what we don’t know.

Keeping our focus on the patient experience; without our patients, where would we be?

Ongoing investment back into our business, yep, all that new equipment and product is where it goes.

Keeping our product assortment new and fresh and somewhat exclusive to our location.

Ensuring that eyewear fits, is comfortable, and provides optimal vision, and of course, looks fabulous.

Setting an example for our team, giving back to our community, with grateful hearts, wherever and whenever we can.

Keeping it real every single day; laughter (Jim’s job), community, mutual respect for each other.

We’re even buying the team a dishwasher for the breakroom!

2019 ~~ it’s been great so far!

Snow for the snowboarders and skiiers, and good for our neighbors at the Hardware selling snowblowers,  AND well, all that glare from black ice and snow = the need for polarized sunglasses that we sell!