The Convergence of Healthcare and Retail

Our patients want it all:  unlimited choice, unsurpassed convenience, personalized service and undeniable value AND we deliver it, every single day.

Our patients identify with our brand, and our team of Eye Doctors are health care providers whom they trust.

A patient walks into our office for their eye exam appointment.  They’re greeted, asked for their insurance information and their ID.  They are then pretested and ready for the digital eye exam.  After the eye exam their doctor explains to an Optician what they’ve prescribed.  The Optician then works with the ‘patient now customer’ to help them order contact lenses, choose eyeglass frames and sunglasses. Our team of professionals ensure that our customers have eyeglasses and sunglasses that work for their work life, their outdoor enjoyment, their home life and that they are comfortable, look good, and provide optimal vision.  Yes, we do all that.

All in one appointment, on one day, and in most cases, in about one hour.  Done. We can hear you saying ” I had no idea!” all the way over here.